Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome to me....

Good Evening. This is my first time having a blog. I have thought of it often, yet have just now decided to do it. As I type this, my son is literally crawling all over me. He is 5 and for some reason thinks I am a jungle gym. Get Off My Head!! At least scratch my back while climbing on me!

So Welcome to Me... to the World of Blogging. I like the idea of sharing my thoughts about my Sweet little boy, Ethan. I do hope that some of the craziness that I have gone through will help others.

You see, Ethan has Autism. He is 5 years old. He is Beautiful, Sweet, Funny, Kind, Loving, Smart, and did I mention Beautiful??? He snuggles up to me and looks at me with his big blue eyes, "I love you Mommy." Oh and I know he does. We are the lucky ones. Wanna know how many times I've heard that? Lucky, huh....

The "Lucky Ones" have children that own at least a portion of the driver's manual to their mind.
My little man wants to do well and please others. He wants to have friends, to be nice, but he doesn't "Need" them like we do. His Social Skills are very lacking.

But with me, it is like the World stops, and it is just the two of us. As I tuck him in to bed, we snuggle up. Hugs and Kisses. Bed time prayers. Lots of laughs and talking about the day. In this moment, his mind is in focus and he is here. And he is Beautiful. I never knew I could love like this.

The outside World.....Static........

Come do this treatment, it'll cure him.
These vitamins, this potion, this chamber, chelation, this food, this therapy, no THIS therapy, NO NO NO, THIS is the Therapy.

Listen to all of these voices...and ask.....WHO HAS PROOF? ......... Silence. The Silence is deafening. I need an answer to help my boy.

I will Never stop searching.