Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ethan got a Yellow stripe on his white Tae-kwon-do belt yesterday. What a great end to a day.

The stripe was unexpected and Ethan seemed as surprised as Freddie, Ansley, and I as we excitedly clapped and did 'thumbs up.' I am so glad Freddie made it to this particular class. Freddie goes to Tae-kwon-do as much as he can. It is tough to get there in time from work. But he made this one, and Ethan was shining like the Sun.

He happily announced 'I got a stripe! I did a good job! A Yellow stripe!'
'Yes, you did a good job and we are so proud of you' we told Ethan. And we are. And he did. Even Ansley clapped.

We Clifford's had a moment there. In this moment, all of the therapies and worries and stuff faded away.... And we all held his belt and touched the stripe. The precious Yellow stripe.

Earlier that morning was not such a shining moment. As soon as Heather arrived (Ethan's OT) the fussing began. Ethan usually loves to see Heather. She is fun and 'gets it.' Her work is masked as play and Ethan has a blast with her. But this particular day was not going as expected. Complaints, fussing, escape. Heather, in her patient way explained that everyone has an 'off' day. She reminded me of how many great sessions they have had. She was right. She is awesome.

So after Heather left, Ethan sheepishly came up to me. 'I am sorry about this. I am sorry about the fussing with Miss Heather. Computer time?'. Ethan was wheeling and dealing to get his computer time.
Computer time is Ethan's most preferred activity. He can earn it or lose it. I explain to Ethan, as I pick up his token reward board, that he has to earn his computer time. So after completing his tasks laid out, Ethan earned the computer time. Oh the fun Ethan had on the computer!

So we were back in the car, beaming from the Yellow stripe.
Ethan says from the back seat 'I did a good job. I got the Yellow Stripe.'
'Yes, you did a good job' I reply. But then I asked him 'Do you know why you got a Yellow stripe?'
He thought and said 'Because I was a Good Boy.'
'That's right, Baby.'

After thinking for a few minutes, Ethan said 'and this morning is all gone.'

Huh? What was he talking about?

He then said 'this morning....the fussing is all gone.'

Ethan was asking and sort of telling me at the same time.... He wanted me and US to forget the bad morning. He had gotten a Yellow Stripe at Tae-kwon-do and he wanted today to be about that. He wanted to know that I was over it and he was not in trouble.

He had made up for it. He had a Yellow Stripe to prove it.

'Yes Ethan, this morning is forgotten, it's gone, and Forgiven. It is all gone. You have done a good job and I am Very proud of you.'.

He smiled his brightest smile...and then said 'Computer time?'

'Of course, Baby.'